Constantin & Mama Miracle

Constantin & Mama Miracle

House of Destiny
(Maison de la Destinee)

The vision began with Constantin, a local pastor in the village of Wingnassa Zouzassa, with a heart for saving children, and a wife that supported this endeavor.  He has always had the soul to rescue and rehabilitate local abandoned children.  When our founder, Sarah, met Constantin…she quickly saw his heart, and we partnered with him in 2013.  And the adventures began! 

So, for our fragile children, there is no place like a consistent home full of love! Located outside of Bohicon, Southern Benin, this home provides a loving, kind, protective, and FUN place for our children to laugh and grow.  Whether playing soccer outside, studying for exams, or just plain being kids…Maison de la Destinee helps realize the potential in our growing young minds.

We just finished the construction in April 2017 and all the children moved into the house in May!

Financial support for operational costs and local staff to run the home is needed.  

TOTAL NEED:  $500/month

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Mon Cheri Cultural Exchange Program

If you want to be more intimately involved with Build A Better Benin, but cannot make a trip to Benin, this program is perfect for you!  Our children would LOVE to learn about you, your family, and your culture.  At the same time, they want to share their lives and culture with you too.  You will be paired with one of our children, and you will become their “adopted” family across the globe! The children write letters, make you special gifts, and look forward to being a part of your family.  This is a voluntary program for our children, and they participate out of their own free will.  You can send them letters, small gifts, pictures, and anything else you want to share with them. 

A monthly donation will provide food, schooling, supplies, healthcare, and housing/protection for your specific child. 

NEED: $50 per month/per child

Nutrition Center

We have partnered with The Fondation Regard d’Amour (a local Beninese non-profit) to complete a much needed nutrition center.  Located in Calavi, this center services all surrounding communities of women and children.  Benin ranks number 12 (of 192) countries worldwide for mortality rate from malnutrition.  This center allows mothers to bring their children for inpatient treatment for starvation, and also provides classes for families to better improve their food practices.  We educate mothers, give them resources, and also provide family counseling to correct any in home issues.  Centered around keeping a family safe, healthy, and thriving…this nutrition center is vital.  The center is 1/3 completed, but we need funds to complete the 2nd phase. 

We need to complete the 2nd phase (2nd level) of the center.