It all started in 2012 with a trip to a little known country in West Africa called Benin. What resulted from that two-week haphazard adventure was a deep love for the Beninois people and culture, and a passion to be part of their world. Through perfect alignment, open hearts and a little magic, the non-profit organization, Build A Better Benin, was born and has successfully continued work in Benin ever since.


What We've Achieved

House of Destiny

BABB actively liberates orphaned children out of human trafficking, child marriages, and other at-risk environments.  Our House of Destiny is located outside the city of Bohicon, Southern Benin, where this home provides a loving, kind, protective, and FUN place for our children to laugh and grow.  Whether playing soccer outside, studying for exams, or just plain being kids…Maison de la Destinee helps realize the potential in our growing young minds. We just finished the construction in April 2017 and all the children moved into the house in May!


School Bridge Project

The village of Ganvie has often been called the Venice of Benin.  It is a town that is completely built over a lake.  Originally built to protect the village from voodoo spirits, all huts in Ganvie are built on stilts and hover over the water.  Unfortunately, this water is full of bacteria and is a health concern.

The primary school here is made up of separate buildings, in which the children must wade in the mud/water to get from classroom to classroom.  During the rainy season, this is very difficult and the conditions cause illness. BABB has partnered with the local community to build bridges to provide safe passage from room to room, keeping the kids dry, safe, and sickness free!


Rural Healthcare Education

We send volunteers and nurses into rural areas of village communities.  They work, and sometimes live in these remote parts of Benin.  They conduct healthcare education to both local nurses and hospital staff as well as the villagers.  Subjects include family planning, clean water sourcing, food preparation, malaria prevention, childbirth and child rearing. It takes a village!


Clean Water at Village Clinic

One of the local, rural clinics in Benin was without access to continuous clean water. BABB successfully coordinated with the village and built a water tower, giving clean water to the clinic year-round. 


Calavi Nutrition Center

In partnership with Fondation Regard d'Amour, a local Beninois non-profit, this nutrition center allows mothers to bring their children for inpatient treatment for starvation, and also provides classes for families to better improve their food practices.  BABB has helped supply their nutrition clinic with supplies and food. 


Sustainable Chicken Farm

In partnership with local friends, BABB has established 2 chicken farms to provide eggs and meat for local abandoned children.  All food is donated to local children's homes.